Case Studies

FMS's office

Strategic office implementation flow


This concept flow is used to implement a strategic office by relocation, remodeling, etc. TOP management policies and new office policies are explained first. The office is then diagnosed, the degree of satisfaction is surveyed, followed by a productivity survey and analysis. Next the work style is analyzed and determined. Based on this information, the office concept and individual requirements (keywords, design, etc.) are defined. It is very important to understand fundamental management policies and new office policies and then create concrete concepts―otherwise more work will be necessary.

FM solution - New office

The office layout is shown below. The office was remodeled following relocation in March 2005. Top management was replaced in July of the same year.

The idea behind the FMS approach has been conceptualized as "Jam Session."

Teamwork in "Jam Session"

One of the ways to enjoy jazz is through a "jam session." This exciting musical style is created when a group of musicians just happen to come together to improvise jazz. Just the tempo and key are determined first and then the individual members ― guitar, bass, drums, piano, etc.―introduce their own style to the music, sometimes playing solos yet always making sure the music achieves a cohesive whole.

A jam session not only requires player skill but also respect and sensitivity toward other players ― a sense of balance for the team is required. Members must have highly sophisticated communication skills while playing the music and they must enjoy playing music with other members ― each expressing individuality and coordinating their part. When they share this oneness with the audience, the venue becomes a wonderful blend of excitement.

From the 20th to the 21st century…. We want speed and creativity. How we can quickly provide new products and services, how we can quickly meet changing market needs and how we can work with a work style ― all these are urgent themes.

We continue to learn office implementation skills… even from the world of jazz.