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Message from CEO

While globalization and ICT are progressing rapidly, the generation is shifting from an "actuality" society to a "reality" society, and the life styles and sense of values of people are beginning to diversify along with this shift. Companies must perceive these changes as quickly as possible, and continue to develop and provide new products and services.

While in a severe economic environment, a theme required to maintain the superiority of business at all times, is to focus on the "people" themselves, and demonstrate the capability of the people to a maximum, not just to revise the structure or function of an organization. In order to execute this theme, it is necessary to create an environment where effective communication and collaboration can be performed actively.

FM Solution designs next-generation workplaces based on the completely new concept of "Office Communication Management" which creates new value by connecting "Office Useware Management" which realizes "user-friendly, serviceable, and versatile solutions" for the people who require an office, and the ideas and experience of various people. This concept encompasses ideas that are essential to our lives, such as "safety", "comfort", "convenience", "durability", and "effectiveness", as well as our design philosophy that offices should be managed from a comprehensive overall view. In other words, we consider it our mission to challenge the universality of achieving "office designs".

As a comprehensive consulting firm specializing in office design, we strive to further improve our services based on our abundant data and experience in order to obtain further satisfaction from our clients.

We thank you for your continued support and patronage.

June, 2013

Tomosuke Ota
FM Solution Corporation