We support your office development to realize your management strategy. With our unique research methods and management techniques, we help you make your project a success. Additionally, we also suggest various, convenient and effective ways of using your office from the Office Useware Management© point of view.

  • Planning


    “Why is this office required now?” We help to set clear goals, find out your office direction, and support to form your office standards.

  • Project management

    Project management

    Once your project starts, we lead in setting up the project’s promotion and management methods. This results in effective schedule planning, work flow structure and more.

  • Research and analysis

    Research and analysis

    When designing a workplace, one needs to grasp the current office situation. We offer various research and analyses and visualize your current workplace issues and future directions.

  • Operation support

    Operation support

    Our support continues after the moving. We support to utilize the operation in your new workplace, and achieve your office relocation goal.